Saturday, July 31, 2010


~ Stories from the Gen Con Writers Symposium ~
by Jean Rabe, Mike Stackpole, Marc Tassin, John Helfers, Chris Pierson, Stephen D. Sullivan, Tim Waggoner, Elizabeth A. Vaughan, Kerrie Hughes, Linda P. Baker, Wes Nicholson, Steven Saus, Daniel Myers, Paul Genesse, Jennifer Brozek, Donald J. Bingle, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Dylan Birtolo, Kelly Swails, Sabrina Klein, et al
Retail Price - $29.99
Want a little adventure . . . danger . . . romance . . .  or maybe a good scare?
Yearning to read some fantasy . . . science fiction . . . humor . . . urban fantasy . . . horror . . . or even a haunting Civil War tale?
We've got what you're looking for!
The authors in Gen Con's Writer's Symposium have collected 22 of their favorite tales into this volume. There are magical garments, spooky settings, women warriors, urban headhunters, spell-casting goblins, an overlord with a wicked sense of humor, high-seas adventure, hungry rats, talking toys, and more.
There's even a brand-new story by New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole.
Sit back in your favorite easy chair, put your feet up, and prepare to be thrilled.