Sunday, January 27, 2008


by Edward Readicker-Henderson

Retail Price - $14.99

The world, E. Readicker-Henderson reminds us, is a much, much more beautiful place than we usually realize.

Here the award-winning travel writer embroiders this theme over 25 essays: from a bra fence in New Zealand to mammoth hunting in the Yukon and the Zen of orange-pith-removal in Japan. Drawn to high latitudes and odd corners, Readicker-Henderson delves deeper into his search for the quietest place in the world: a quest that began with his feature for National Geographic Traveler, recognized by Best of American Travel Writing in 2007.

At turns poetic, philosophical and howlingly funny, these tales span two decades. Ultimately, like Rufus – the puppy the author rescues on pilgrimage – they remind us all to “"wag your tail happily at life, and life will happily wag back."

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Martian Knights & Other Tales

by Stephen D. Sullivan
- Author of Dragonlance: The Dragon Isles
Retail Price: $9.99

Zombies, Werewolves, and Unicorns? Surely that can't be right! Yet, in the Blue Kingdoms, anything is possible and most things are deadly serious.
Join award-winning author Stephen D. Sullivan for a pair of frightening novellas:

Festival at Wolfnacht - and - The Blood Red Isle

Presented here full-length and uncut for the first time ever. In the eternal struggle between light and dark, in the battle between zombies, werewolves, and unicorns, who will win?

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Martian Knights & Other Tales

by Stephen D. Sullivan - Author of Dragonlance: Warrior's Blood
Retail Price: $14.99

"Stephen D. Sullivan Casts his literary net wide and pulls in some fabulous stories in Martian Knights & Other Tales. Ranging from exciting military science fiction in the title story to explorations of 9/11 themes, with fantasy and horror in between to chill the soul, there's not a miscue in the collection. Read, enjoy!" - Robert E. Vardeman

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Blue Kingdoms: Shades & Specters

Retail Price: $14.99
The second anthology set in the exciting world of the Blue Kingdoms!

Between twilight and dawn, half-glimpsed things lurk in the swirling sea mist, long-dead things that have clawed their way out of the darkest abyss, things that were better left entombed.

In this second volume of Blue Kingdoms stories, you'll find a host of specters, ghosts, monsters, and more . . . guaranteed to shiver your timbers.

Sale the Azure Sea with our ghoulish crew of tale-spinners:

Robert E. Vardeman - Paul Genesse - Lorelei Shannon - James M. Ward - Dean Leggett - Jason Mical - Kelly Swails - Marc Tassin - Brandie Tarvin - Kathy Watness - and Jean Rabe & Stephen D. Sullivan.

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