Monday, April 18, 2011


Stephen D. Sullivan, Jean Rabe, & Friends
Retail Price: $14.99
194 Pages

Magic fills the Blue Kingdoms.
Its tendrils reach through the islands, ensnaring the denizens of the World-Sea with effects both sublime and monstrous. Magic . . .

* Pulses with the pull of the oars on a zombie slave ship.
* Flows from a dying wizard into an unsuspecting princess.
* Plagues a half-ogress blessed with uncanny strength.
* Manifests as a seductive and deadly guardian.
* Reveals itself too late to a shipwrecked mage.
* Fuels the alchemical battle for the Philosopher's Stone.
* Appears in many forms . . . always when least expected.

Delve into these pages and let our authors surprise and ensorcell you!

Stephen D. Sullivan - Jean Rabe
Donald J. Bingle - Kelly Swails - Steven Saus
Ramsey & Margaret Lundock - Annette Leggett
Brandie Tarvin - Robert Farnsworth - Steve Rouse
Marc Tassin - Kathleen Watness