Sunday, November 15, 2015


This one's been in the works for a years, and is finally available to the public! UNCANNY ENCOUNTERS - LIVE! is a collection of short plays and playlets by me and my buddy, fellow award-winning Monster Kid, Paul McComas. As the subhead says, it contains: "Dark Drama, Sci-Fi Screams, and Horrific Humor."
It's also available for performance -- of course!
So, grab it for a fun read or as prospective fodder for your local playhouse!
(And don't forget to tell your friends!)
"McComas and Sullivan are cultural mirrors -- storytellers -- whose images verge on the too-true, rendering the inner monsters we both fear, and hope, we might become.  Laughing, crying, and covered in blood, those monsters are happy here.  But the authors up the ante, stripping down their stories-of-awe-and-hilarity into threadbare stage plays -- plays being the chest-bursting aliens of storytelling -- and relating them in genial voices.  The worl 'hijinks' applies.  As does 'bizarre.'  Here be ripping yarns; laugh while you can."

-- Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column, California Public Radio (from his Foreword)