Sunday, January 27, 2008


Blue Kingdoms: Shades & Specters

Retail Price: $14.99
The second anthology set in the exciting world of the Blue Kingdoms!

Between twilight and dawn, half-glimpsed things lurk in the swirling sea mist, long-dead things that have clawed their way out of the darkest abyss, things that were better left entombed.

In this second volume of Blue Kingdoms stories, you'll find a host of specters, ghosts, monsters, and more . . . guaranteed to shiver your timbers.

Sale the Azure Sea with our ghoulish crew of tale-spinners:

Robert E. Vardeman - Paul Genesse - Lorelei Shannon - James M. Ward - Dean Leggett - Jason Mical - Kelly Swails - Marc Tassin - Brandie Tarvin - Kathy Watness - and Jean Rabe & Stephen D. Sullivan.

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