Sunday, January 27, 2008


by Edward Readicker-Henderson

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The world, E. Readicker-Henderson reminds us, is a much, much more beautiful place than we usually realize.

Here the award-winning travel writer embroiders this theme over 25 essays: from a bra fence in New Zealand to mammoth hunting in the Yukon and the Zen of orange-pith-removal in Japan. Drawn to high latitudes and odd corners, Readicker-Henderson delves deeper into his search for the quietest place in the world: a quest that began with his feature for National Geographic Traveler, recognized by Best of American Travel Writing in 2007.

At turns poetic, philosophical and howlingly funny, these tales span two decades. Ultimately, like Rufus – the puppy the author rescues on pilgrimage – they remind us all to “"wag your tail happily at life, and life will happily wag back."

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