Monday, March 25, 2013


Paul McComas and Greg Starrett
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Here, for the first time ever:
The tale that 1940s-era horror movies dared not tell!


While en route to the alpine town of Vasaria, the diabolical body snatcher Ygor stops in the village of Kotstadt to obtain a custom-made suit for his friend, the ever-menacing Frankenstein Monster. The unholy duo's visit endangers fastidious tailor Klaus Hauptschmidt and his effervescent teenage daughter, Gretl ... and prompts hijinks of monstrous proportions!

MONSTER MASHER WARNING - Contains one buxom fraulein and some racy innuendo. (Nothing graphic or explicit.)

"Fit for a Frankenstein is a sure fit for any reader who has fond memories of the iconic Monster-or for those meeting him for the first time. It's obvious that the authors of this wacky novella had a barrel of fun writing it, and their glee is contagious as they bring the lumbering, sewn-together fellow back from the dead, accompanied by Ygor (who's a real hoot here!). Share their mad journey in these fascinating pages. You'll be glad you did!"
- William F. Nolan, author of Logan's Run

"McComas and Starrett create a hilarious envisioning of Ygor's and the Monster's quest for an XXL suit 'fit for a Frankenstein'-a tall order indeed! With elements of the gothic, the historical, and pop culture, you'll never look at Dr. Frankenstein's creation-nor at its trousers-the same way again."
- Rachel Waxman, author of The Crickhowell School for the Muses

"Fit for a Frankenstein is a delightful literary Rube Goldberg machine, its intricate design made to manufacture laughs and evoke memories of black-and-white movies seen on a flickering screen. Humor high and low, clever levers from which spring puns so terrifying you have to laugh, and the sound of groaning that may or may not be your own-all will keep you deep in a hypnotic state from which you will be loath to wake. It's smart, funny, and truly goofy in the best of all possible ways."
- Rick Kleffel, "The Agony Column," California Public Radio/

Paul McComas is the award-winning author of four critically acclaimed books and the editor of two more. This is his first collaborative novella - and the literary debut of his co-author and longtime friend Greg Starrett.