Monday, March 25, 2013


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Stephen D. Sullivan
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If you make it through this challenge, you won't live through the next...

Monsters! Magic! Swordplay! Romance! Intrigue! Sudden Death! The world's greatest champions face impossible odds in this action-packed, slyly humorous fantasy novel. You want knights and wizards? Elves and dwarves? Cat-women and lizard-men? Kung Fu girls? Your favorites are all here--though only the smartest and strongest will survive the Tournament of Death!

Renowned for his fast-paced imaginative tales, Stephen D. Sullivan is the award-winning author of dozens of books and stories, including trilogies for Legend of the Five Rings, Spider Riders, and Dragonlance.

"One of the things that I most enjoy about Sullivan's work is its glee, which occurs in two forms, both of which are very much on display in the Tournament of Death series. One is the demonic glee with which he propels his characters through an obstacle course that would give Indiana Jones pause. The other is the giddy delight with which he playfully rampages through popular culture, filling his world with a vast multitude of monsters and heroes from every corner of the pulp imagination, and somehow making it all work. Enormous fun. *****"
- David Annandale, author of Death of Antagonis (Space Marine Battles)

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